Cory St. Clair Signature Box Set | Illustration Color

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Cory St. Clair Set | Createx Illustration Color

The Cory Saint Clair Signature Set is an All in One portrait/Fleshtones Set in a box. Includes a color use guide with a few of Cory´s Tips and favorite uses for colors.

Set includes 18 x 2oz of each colors & Add Ons

  • 4650 candy2o Blood Red
  • 4653 candy2o Lemon Yellow
  • 4655 candy2o Marine Blue
  • 4664 candy2o Black
  • 5037 Bloodline Injury Red
  • 5039 Bloodline Blood Red
  • 5048 Bloodline Surgery Sienna
  • 5050 Illustration White
  • 5051 Illustration Black
  • W007 Wicked Blue
  • W009 Wicked Phthalo Green
  • W052 Wicked Detail Yellow
  • W068 Wicked Detail Raw Umber
  • W075 Wicked Detail Black Magenta
  • W076 Wicked Detail Cory Saint Clair Universal Fleshtone
  • 4012 High Performance Reducer
  • 4004 Transparent Base
  • 4030 Mix Additive | Balancing Clear
  • Precision Caps
  • "Color" Pamphlet


The Createx Illustration ColorsTM are newly developed, refined water-based airbrush paints, optimized for use with Dru Blairs "Color Buffer System". The illustration paints make it possible to create very fine and detailed pieces of work. They are soluble, can be dampened, and are very suitable for being erased by a common eraser. The illustration paints are have been developed and optimized for fine-art artists and illustrators without having to rely on highly opaque base colors.

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